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One trailer. Countless uses.
Multiple living-space configurations - up to a king-and-a-half of total bed space
Giant 3 layer windows, provide excellent ventilation
Innovative tent system, 200D silicone coated, rip-stop polyester
Insulated, custom self-inflating air mattresses (4) for snug sleeping
Secure zippered entry awning with included larger zip-on awning
Lightweight bed/table panels, weigh only 12.5 lbs each and can support up to 300 lbs
Ergonomic coupler and very light tongue weight make GO easy to move by hand
All aluminum, fully tig-welded, hyper-engineered™ Extrusion frame
GOs upper rack system is fully compatible with all major rack manufacturers products freeing up space
Low profile design for minimum drag and super fuel efficiency
Excellent suspension geometry and handling characteristics make it easy to tow
GOs upper rack system is fully compatible with all major rack manufacturers products freeing up space
Lockable, waterproof, HDPE rotomolded gear storage box with kayak drain plug for use as a cooler
Waterproof electrical system suitable for use as a small boat trailer
Cast aluminum wheels, spare tire conveniently mounted under floor
Torsion axle suspension system for smooth ride and load control
Multiple tie-down points
Control-Tilt™ cargo bed with hydraulic dampening system
Unlimited configurations for carrying gear
Self lubricating hubs
13" ground clearance and high flotation tires for off-road use
6 inch height extenders available for taller motorcycles and ATVs
Reinforced Aluminum diamond-plate flooring for heavy loads (up to 800 lbs)
Articulating Multi-Position Frame
Torsion axle suspension
LED lighting for safer, long lasting service
Lightweight, fully tig-welded aluminum frame, GO weighs only 840 lbs
3D visualization
  • Camping Mode
  • Travel Mode
  • Transport Mode
Camping Mode

If you really love to camp, the SylvanSport GO camping trailer was created especially for you. GO delivers that wonderful experience of tent camping: lightweight, airy materials, the feeling of actually being outside (no hard-sided walls), the sounds and smells that make camping so special. GO was created to give you an amazing, comfortable camping experience, without the downside: sleeping on uneven ground, rocks, sticks and mud, leaving a damaging footprint on the environment as well as having to carry it all in... and out! GO easily gets you there, up off the ground on a level, comfortable surface. For the best camping experience you’ll ever have.

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Travel Mode

Even though the SylvanSport GO is full of storage and carrying capacity, it does not require a large, fuel draining vehicle to tow it. In fact, at only 840 lbs and with its low-profile, aerodynamic design... GO is the most efficient and well engineered gear-hauler in the world. GO can carry all your toys, so you can travel farther and more often than you ever thought possible. Carry more, spend less on gas, go further and have more fun… take a closer look and see why GO is the Coolest. Camper. Ever.

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Transport Mode

So much more than meets the eye, GO was designed to solve all your camping and hauling needs, seven days a week. No matter what your activity of choice is – biking, kayaking, canoeing, surfing – or moving an apartment or bringing home stacks of building materials from the local home improvement store, GO does it all and does it incredibly well. From the Control-tilt deck which allows for ramp-free loading to the removable top (no tools required) which turns GO into a true, open-topped utility trailer... GO is the ultimate vehicle to turn your small, fuel efficient car into a weekend workhorse capable of hauling up to 800 lbs of... anything.

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What makes us different

From the beginning, the team at SylvanSport set out to create a TRULY useful vehicle - the Swiss Army Knife of camping trailers and the 'hub' of all your outdoor adventures. GO won't sit around, collecting dust in the backyard. You'll find a purpose for GO at every opportunity. Though small and efficient to tow, it can carry loads of stuff easily and still serve as a spacious and comfortable camper.

We have engineered and built the SylvanSport GO to be the smallest, most fuel-efficient towable on the road at the same time it's a spacious and comfortable camper. Take a look below and discover how GO does it all.


GO is constructed from premium, US supplied materials and processes, to produce an amazingly light and durable piece of outdoor gear. The custom aluminum Exo-frame incorporates multiple design features that provide incredible functionality in a compact space. Expansion joints within the Camping Pod, for differing expansion and contraction rates between dissimilar materials, assure there will be no cracking or popped rivets. 200D Rip-stop Polyester tent material (not canvas) creates a beautiful, dry and bug-free interior environment. Rotationally molded Polyethylene storage box, fenders and rear step are durable and will never corrode. Torsion axle suspension system provides a smooth ride and 13” of ground clearance. Thermoformed ABS plastic roof/upper storage pod provides a solid roof overhead. High-strength, lightweight panels, for sleeping and table use, store overhead and out
of sight.

No need to worry how all these parts work together, we took care of
those details from the beginning, to ensure many years of trouble
free performance.


All show and no GO? We knew that we had to engineer GO to do everything we envisioned. If it didn't work, we would not succeed... it was as simple as that. Creative problem-solving, high-tech design, proven components, recyclable materials, multiple configurations, and unlimited possibilities - how can all this fit in to such a small package? Hyper-engineering! You will immediately notice our attention to detail the first time you see a GO.

You'll continue to appreciate those details every time you use it. From the time you first hitch a GO up to your car and feel the ergonomic 1-step coupler, or open the Camping Pod and it gently presents itself to you with the hydraulic assists, when you pull the release pin and the Control-Tilt Deck gently tilts into a loading ramp or when you feel the solid, heavy gauge aluminum extrusion frame, you begin to realize the incredible level of engineering that goes into each and every SylvanSport GO.

Smart Design

We could have settled for creating another big ‘white box’ with swoopy graphics and a model named after a large animal. Instead, we started with a blank slate and designed a gear-hauling, camping trailer the way we felt it should be, a Swiss Army Knife of camping-trailers. It had to be light and easily towable... after all, with the price of gas today who wants to drive a gas guzzler just to go out and have a little fun. It had to be versatile enough to handle all the stuff you want to do with it, whether you’re carrying boats or bikes or bringing home furniture or appliances. Of course, comfort and a beautiful, spacious interior were also essential, it had to do it all. It doesn’t hurt that GO also happens to be one of the coolest looking vehicles on the road.


Everything you touch, lift, connect, or move has been designed to be 'user-friendly'. You shouldn't have to struggle with heavy components or grasp sharp latches. We have taken ergonomics into consideration in every component of the SylvanSport GO. When you unlatch the Camping Pod it gently presents itself, when you lift the tongue, the ergonomic handle makes it more comfortable and easy. When you tilt the deck, the pneumatic damping system does all the work for you. Whatever the task, GO has been designed to make it lightweight and easy.

When it comes to service, we didn't skimp on details either. From the quick-fill bearing protectors to the tool free rack removal system, GO couldn't be simpler. Even the tent can be removed with no tools required.

World-Class, American Manufacturing

Of course, if GO isn't BUILT right... the design and engineering doesn't matter. This is why SylvanSport manufactures every GO here in our Brevard, North Carolina facility. GO is manufactured unlike any other camping trailer on the road today, it is the most advanced camping trailer in the world. Built by a team of highly trained craftsmen, GO is made up of US supplied components ranging from precision extruded aluminum to custom, molded boxes and trim. No detail is overlooked where quality is paramount! The SylvanSport GO was dreamed, drawn, prototyped, molded, fabricated and assembled here, in America. It is extremely well made and designed to work, for years.

Awards Showcase

"Coolest. Camper. Ever" - National Geographic ADVENTURE Magazine

GO is racking up awards left and right for its innovative design and engineering. Praised widely for its ability to transport gear in a more fuel-friendly manner, provide comfortable accommodations without the large expense of an RV, and leave virtually no footprint on the environment when the adventure is over, GO is creating a movement among outdoor enthusiasts. Click awards below to learn more.

A closer look
  • Exo-Frame
  • Power Rack
  • Hi-Rise Lift System
  • Smooth-Trac Suspension

The lightweight and innovative frame system of the GO is an artful blend of robust materials and clever detailing. This functional ‘Exo-Frame’ is as strong and solid as it is light and versatile. Made primarily from heavy gauge and custom aluminum extrusions the Exo-Frame is fully tig-welded and powder-coated to provide dependable service, for many years.

Power Rack

The Power-Rack is the upper half to the SylvanSport GO frame system. The exo-skeletal design of the upper rack allows for rock solid transport of all your gear. The Power-Rack accepts rack systems (for boats, bikes and storage) from all the major rack manufacturers, including Yakima, Thule and Malone. This open and flexible connectivity makes GO the perfect vehicle for carrying up to a dozen bikes, boats or any combination of
the two.

Hi-Rise Lift System

SylvanSport integrated the heart of a 30 year-old, tried-and-true lift system into its Hi-Rise Lift System. The technology in this system is a staple in the RV industry, it's ultra-dependable and can be easily serviced by any RV mechanic, should that ever be necessary. Capable of lifting great weights, you can feel confident your gear will always be secure.

Smooth-Trac Suspension

The smooth riding torsion axle and the high-flotation 10” tires/wheels combine to provide a smooth ride, even on the worst of conditions. With 13” of ground clearance, GO is capable in severe off road conditions. With a suspension system rated at up to 1600 lbs, GO can carry a huge payload and still ride smoothly. The Smooth-Trac Suspension System assures that you and your gear will arrive smoothly.

The technology behind GO

While it's true the SylvanSport GO is the coolest camper ever created, it's also a masterpiece of design and engineering. A huge investment of time and manufacturing expertise has resulted in the highest quality, multi-functional piece of mobile adventure equipment you will ever find. We invite you to get grab your calipers and come see a GO in person, it’s truly the best way to appreciate everything that goes in to every SylvanSport GO.

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Specifications English Metric
Interior Floor Dimension 48 x 84 in 1.22 x 2.13 m
Standing Height (Camping Mode) 77 in 1.96 m
Trailer Size (Travel Mode) 143 x 75 x 53 in 3.63 x 1.91 x 1.35 m
Trailer Size (Transport Mode) 143 x 75 x 81 in 3.63 x 1.91 x 2.06 m
Trailer Size (Camping Mode) 154 x 124 x 108 in 3.91 x 3.15 x 2.74 m
Weight (unloaded) 840 lbs 381 kg
Front Storage Capacity 9 cu ft 0.23 m3
Cargo Capacity (Travel Mode) 81 x 48 x 17 in 2.06 x 1.22 x 0.43 m
Cargo Capacity (Transport Mode) 84 x 48 x 48 in 2.14 x 1.22 x 1.22 m